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At Love More, our mission is to create a new standard in the music industry that celebrates and uplifts artists. We believe that every artist deserves equitable support to kick-start their career, and we're committed to making that a reality.

We're challenging the status quo and replacing it with a new approach that is rooted in partnership, equity, transparency, and authenticity. Our label is all about working collaboratively with artists to achieve their career goals, without imposing restrictive decisions on them and ignoring their point of view.

We're committed to treating artists with the respect they deserve, and we believe that transparent revenue-sharing practices and open communication are critical to building a trusting and positive relationship.

Empowering our artists to achieve their fullest potential is our passion and we believe that when we prioritize an artist's wellbeing, we can create truly exceptional music that creates an impact that affects today’s artists and artists to come.


Rather than "deals", we are entering Partnerships with artists. This means we as the label and the artist are working together towards the common goal of a satisfying and fruitful career. We don't make decisions for artist, we make decisions with them.


Gone are the days of tolerating  unfair business practices. Revenue decisions are made together by both Love More and the artist to ensure both parties feel a sense of trust and know they're being taken care of.


For too long, artists have been treated like commodities to profit off of. At Love More, we see artists as much, much more. We genuinely care about the overall wellbeing of our artists by focusing all of our time and effort in putting forth the best quality in all aspects of the artists' career, prioritizing everything from their projects being done by the best in the business to their mental health.


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Raquel Thompson


With a father who toured and recorded music in his home studio and a mother with diverse and extensive taste in music, Raquel has been in the music scene her whole life. Now, she seeks to make a difference in it. Despite her age, Raquel has hands-on experience working in the industry from managing her own DJ career since she was eleven years old to getting involved in the Northwest Arkansas music scene through her college- The University of Arkansas- George's Majestic Lounge, and so much more.  After getting more insight on the unfair practices that are rampant in today's music industry, she has her sights set on changing how things are done one track at a time, and bringing the next generation of music industry leaders along with her. 

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Elyse Mead


Elyse is a senior at the U of A studying music, business, and journalism and is  primarily passionate about the music industry. Growing up in Texas, she began playing and enjoying piano and all things music from a young age and still does. She is grateful to be a part of the George’s ambassador program, to be an employee at the Walmart Amp music venue, and to be a piano teacher to some cute and talented kiddos. She wants to see the music industry grow and thrive in a fun and fair way & plans to play a party in helping in that process.


Ryan Jones, "PRO KiD"


   Ryan Jones, professionally known as PRO KiD, is a music producer from Arkansas. He is known for producing on a variety of significant mixtapes for record labels such as Young Money, DTP/Def Jam, Mad Decent, and Atlantic Records.

   Born in southern California, Ryan moved to southern Arkansas at the age of one. He spent his summer break months in Los Angeles with his father, which opened his mind to many different musical styles. Ryan also spent five years in Lafayette, Louisiana, where he began his musical journey by learning the trumpet at the age of nine. In Louisiana, Ryan also marched with traditionally Black volunteer marching bands, where he learned to write music for multiple instruments on the fly.

   Originally planning to become a music executive, Ryan learned to make instrumentals to save money for the artists he was recording. From multiple side hustles and part time jobs Ryan had, he built a studio in his home and had people twice his age using it at the age of 15. He then became known in his neighborhood as “the kid” which lead to the name “Kid Ryan”. Once he moved to Atlanta after high school  and took music 100% seriously, he changed his name to the “PRO KiD”.

   At the age of 18, Ryan landed an internship at Hot Beats Studios in Atlanta while Lil Wayne was a client, recording his critically acclaimed “Carter 3” album. This internship led to his instrumentals being introduced to then unknown Young Money artists. Since he was not allowed to sell instrumentals during the internship, PRO then decided to build his own business online selling instrumentals. Once it became financially successful, he moved back to Arkansas to achieve his personal goal of attending college at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. After a few years of traveling and producing all over the country, PRO KiD has returned to Northwest Arkansas to help the Arkansas music scene grow.


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