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Jaison Leonardo Carrero Espinoza, better known as Lil Yei, is a Spanish R&B and Reggaeton singer from Venezuela. His sound is accompanied by underground sounds of rap and Hip Hop, freestyle rap and Latin fusion, and a feeling of relaxation and positive vibes. Coming on the scene with a fresh sound, Lil Yei began his music career at the age of 15, debuting with his first release "No Tengo Corazon". His first official collaboration was with the Colombian group and duo "Cali and Dandee" with the remix of the song "Ven a Mi". From there, he decided to venture on his own. From winning rap freestyle battles in Mexico, Monterrey and the Hill of Valparaiso, Chile to participating in Groundwaves hosted  by Los Angeles rapper, Murs, Lil Yei's natural talent for rap is apparent. His hits like "I Have No Heart", "Good Luck", and " Corrido" have captured the attention of the Northwest Arkansas community, and surely, it'll make you pay attention too. 

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